TYBSC Industrial Chemistry MCQ PDF- Semester

TYBSC Industrial Chemistry MCQ PDF- Semester 4

Industrial Chemistry MCQs PDF and Quiz on Semester 4

Are you a TYBSC student? And looking for the TYBSC MCQ with Answers of Industrial chemistry in PDF Format for semester 4. Then you are at the right place because you will get here all you need.

Here you will get the all the MCQs with chapter-wise as well as in the combination format.

We are providing the best study materials for BSC, especially for TYBSc students. In the TYBSC we are focusing on chemistry well.

Previously, we uploaded the MCQ with Answers PDF for Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Environmental & Green Chemistry, and Agriculture chemistry. If you want that for semester 3rd of TYBSc according to Pune University then you can download it in PDF for Free.

Above mentioned all chemistry subjects are useful for semester third of the TYBSC.

Industrial Chemistry MCQs Semester 4 with Answers PDF

Now let’s discuss the fourth semester Multiple Choice Questions For Industrial Chemistry.

If you want to understand MCQ better with their explanation then you can watch these videos. If you don’t like the videos or if you want more MCQs then you can download the PDFs of each chapter from below.

Here is the first chapter of Industrial chemistry i.e. Polymer chemistry. Watch this video till the end you will get the MCQs with their correct options and explanation.

TYBSC Industrial Chemistry MCQs with Answers – Polymer chemistry Topic | Semester 4

The second chapter of Industrial chemistry is Sugar and Fermentation Industry. This video will give you a better explanation of MCQs with their answers and explanation accordingly.

TYBSC Industrial Chemistry MCQs with Answers – Sugar and Fermentation Industry Semester 4

Soaps, Detergents and Cosmetics is the third chapter of Industrial chemistry so, here are the MCQ of this chapter. You will get here the most expected MCQs with their answers.

TYBSC MCQs with Answers Industrial Chemistry – Soaps, Detergents and Cosmetics | Semester 4

The last chapter of Industrial Chemistry is Chemistry of pharmaceutical industries. After the watching this video you will be prepared for this particular chapter.

TYBSC MCQs with Answers Industrial Chemistry – Chemistry of Pharmaceuticals Industries | Semester 4

Attempt The Quiz – MCQs on Industial Chemistry

One more help from S S CLASSES is for you is that you can attempt the quiz on Industrial chemistry as shown below. You can attempt the quiz unlimited times as you want. This Quiz based on the 60 MCQs. I want to say that, this has a $1 value to attend but, we always give value to our audience. So, this quiz is for free.


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TYBSC Industrial Chemistry – Semester 4 [2021]

This is the most comprehensive Quiz based on the fourth-semester syllabus of TYBSC. Attempt all 60 questions that boost your confidence and self-analysis.

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Which is alcoholic product?

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Dacron is also known as…

3 / 60

In which process the SO2 is passed over the juice until the solution is neutral?

4 / 60

Which is not synthetic polymer?

5 / 60

The cleaning capacity of ordinary soap is increased by adding…

6 / 60

Natural rubber is obtained from which tree?

7 / 60

The boiling point of ethanol is?

8 / 60

Soaps are the salts of long chain…

9 / 60

The antibacterial agent added in medicated soap is…

10 / 60

The action of drugs on the human body is called as…

11 / 60

In which fermentation the temperature is 10℃ for fermentation?

12 / 60

Which is not an example of the fermentation process?

13 / 60

Synthetic rubber can’t be produced from which hydrocarbon?

14 / 60

Ulcer disease related to which part of the body?

15 / 60

Aspirin is prepared from…

16 / 60

Which is not the process of crystallization of sugar?

17 / 60

The stabilizers used in shampoos are…

18 / 60

Which polymer is used as adhesive?

19 / 60

Antineoplastic is used for…

20 / 60

Which catalyst is used in the coordination polymerization?

21 / 60

Byproduct of sugar industry?

22 / 60

The crystallization of sugar in vacuum fans is called…

23 / 60

The first commercial synthetic rubber produced…

24 / 60

Which is not example of antibiotics?

25 / 60

The hydrophilic group in soap is…

26 / 60

27 / 60

Nylon is also called as?

28 / 60

Which of the following are used as antipyretics?

29 / 60

Which is not the raw material used in soap production?

30 / 60

Sulphanilamide is prepared from…

31 / 60

Which germicides are added to soaps to cure dandruff and pimples?

32 / 60

Bronchodilators are used to cure…

33 / 60

The important raw material for the manufacture of detergent is…

34 / 60

The drug that stimulates and activates the receptors is called …

35 / 60

Paracetamol is used as…

36 / 60

The super fatting agent is used in soap manufacture is…

37 / 60

Polysulfide rubber is also called…

38 / 60

The sugar industry is the…..biggest industry in the country.

39 / 60

Dacron is a synonym of?

40 / 60

In the carbonation process, the calcium carbonate precipitate includes…

41 / 60

The drugs which are used to treat high blood pressure are called…

42 / 60

Hypertension is generally defined as mild when the diastolic pressure is between…

43 / 60

Which is used as plastic as well as fiber?

44 / 60

Which is cheapest plastic?

45 / 60

Aliphatic polyester is not industrially important because?

46 / 60

The drug which is used for viral infections is called as …

47 / 60

Hydrolysis of sucrose gives..

48 / 60

The symbol ‘r’ or ‘rx is use for…

49 / 60

Soaps are made by ….process?

50 / 60

The essential oil imparting fragrance to the soap is known as…

51 / 60

Decomposition of glucose/fructose gives…

52 / 60

Organic and inorganic polymers are classified on the basis of?

53 / 60

Ammonium lauryl sulfate used in hair care products is called as…

54 / 60

Antipyretic drugs gives relief from…

55 / 60

Humectants are those substances used in cosmetics…

56 / 60

The important by-product in the soap industry is…

57 / 60

…..industry is the first biggest industry in the country.

58 / 60

The weight of soap is increased by addition of…

59 / 60

Which drugs are used in the treatment of infectious diseases?

60 / 60

The number of repeating units present in polymer chain is called as?

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If you are not satisfied with the video and want to practice more MCQs then you can download it from the following link. I hope you will very happy to pay a very less amount to download it.

In this PDF file of each chapter, that, you will get almost 150 MCQs with their answers to industrial chemistry. The amount for download these PDFs is very little.

Download the all PDFs of all chapters of Industrial Chemistry MCQ with Answers.

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