Why 28th february is celebrated as national science day

Why national science day is celebrated on 28th February in India

Why we do celebrate national science day on 28th February in India

The day of February 28 is celebrated as National Science Day in India. In the year 1928, on 28 February, the Indian great scientist Sir Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman discovered the great Raman Effect. For that discovery, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year 1930. Due to which National Science Day is celebrated on this day every year. Indian scientist Sir Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman was not first only in India but also a Nobel Prize winner in Asia. 

Why Bharat Ratna is awarded for ‘Raman Effect’?

Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman has made his significant contribution in the field of light scattering. At the same time, National Science Day is being celebrated every year on 28 February in India since 1986. According to his discovery, the wavelength of light rays changes when passing through a transparent material. His research was called Raman Effect. In addition to Nobel for this discovery, he was awarded the highest Indian honor Bharat Ratna in 1954.

What is the objective of National Science Day?

To increase interest in science and to create awareness for it in society every year National Science Day is celebrated. The National Council of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and Technology organize several programs across the country on this day.

Even today in India, many people or societies do not know much about living science. He is still living in his poetic thoughts, where there is no truth in anything.

Many people are living in ideas like superstitions in our country. To improve it, this day matter.

The main objective of National Science Day is to maintain the continuous advancement of science in the country. Along with this, its main objective is to remove the fear of people towards nuclear energy across the country. The relentless development of the country can be ensured only with nuclear power. So that the standard of living of people in our society can be quite progressive and developed.

National Science Day in Schools and colleges

On the occasion of National Science Day, most of the schools, colleges, and training institutes are arranged many science-related programs. Apart from this, many scientific programs in science institutes, science laboratories, science academies. On this national day, essays, speeches, writing, science quiz, science exhibition, poster-presentation, quizzes on general science, seminars, or guest lectures on science, are organized especially in schools. Some colleges or schools also arrange the film watching program of Sir. C. V. Raman.

So, lastly, I want to say, 28th February this day is really inspirational to every Indian.

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