Most Imporatant Question For Maharashtra Board 2021 Mathematics Paper

IMP Questions For class 10 maths SSC board 2021

Check out the most important questions for class 10 maths ssc board exam 2021

Hey, there, I am once again excited to share with you the most expected or imp questions for maths (mathematics paper 1) for SSC board 2021.

Are you looking for the most important questions for Maharashtra board 2021? Already we have published on most important questions of Science Paper kindly check it to do better preparation of your board examination 2021.

Important questions for class 10 maths ssc board exam 2021, important questions for class 10 maths 2021 state board

  • Note that: Here are imp questions based on only 2021 syllabus.

Check out the following Important Questions For Mathematics Paper 1

Chapter 1: Linear Equations in two variables

  • Give the equation o x-axis and y-axis
  • Solve by graphical method: 2x – 3y = 4 ; 3y – x = 4
  • Find the coordinates to plot a graph (two simultaneous equation are given)
  • 99x + 101y = 499; 101x + 99y = 501 (Addition-Subtraction Method) OR one example of cramer’s rule. 
  • One MCQ, And one for determinant solving 
  • One word problem out of first three examples.

Chapter 2: Quadratic Equations

  • Identify whether the given equation is a quadratic equation
  • Compare with quadratic equations and write the value of a, b and c
  • One of the roots of equation 5m2 + 2m + k = 0 is -7/5, Find the value of ’k’. (like this one example)
  • Solve quadratic equation by factorization (one example) e.g. x2 +  5x + 6 =0
  • Solve a quadratic equation by formula method (one example)
  • Find the value of the discriminant
  • Determine the nature of roots
  • Addition and product of roots of the quadratic equation.
  • One Word Problem for ⅔ mark

Chapter 3: Arithmetic Progression

  • Write an A.P when ‘a’ and ‘d’ is given
  • Given Arithmetic Progression 12, 16, 20, 24, . . . Find the 24th term of this progression.
  • The 11th term and the 21st term of an A.P. are 16 and 29 respectively, then find the 41th term of that A.P.
  • Find the sum of first n natural numbers.
  • Find the sum of first n odd/even numbers.
  • The sum of the first 55 terms in an A.P. is 3300, find its 28th term.
  • One application-based word problem.

Chapter 5: Probability

  • All questions are really important
  • Sample space, no of elements in the sample space, events, their probability.
  • Experiments are one coin tossed, two coins tossed, one dice is rolled, two dices are rolled simultaneously, 52 playing cards, making numbers by using given digits when repetition  not allowed
  • The problem of forming a committee of two members.
  • The random experiment of selecting a card from a particular number of cards.

Check out the following Important Questions For Mathematics Paper 2

1. Similarity

  • Two problems on ratios of areas of triangles based on their two properties.
  • One Problem on Area of two similar triangles theorem
  • Properties of similar triangles
  • Areas of two similar triangles are 225 sq. cm. 81 sq. cm. If a side of the smaller triangle is 12 cm, then find the corresponding side of the bigger triangle
  • The ratio of corresponding sides of similar triangles is 3 ः 5; then find the ratio of their areas.

2. Pythagoras Theorem

  • Pythagorean triplets
  • 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 Property-based problems
  • Find the diagonal of a rectangle whose length is 35 cm and breadth is 12 cm.
  • Find the diagonal of a square whose length is side is 10 cm.

3. Circle

  • One tangent-radius theorem based problem
  • Two circles having radii 3.5 cm and 4.8 cm touch each other internally. Find the distance between their centers.
  • Two circles of radii 5.5 cm and 4.2 cm touch each other externally. Find the distance between their centers.
  • One 4 marks problem on an inscribed angle and intercepted arc.
  • 3/4  marks problem on cyclic quadrilateral.

4. Geometric Constructions

  • Triangle construction
  • 🔺AMT~🔺AHE. In 🔺AMT, AM=6.3cm, ∟TAM=500, AT=5.6, and AM/AH=7/5 then construct 🔺AHE
  • Construction of a tangent to a circle using the center of the circle.

5. Coordinate Geometry

  • Find the distance between A(x1, y1) and B(x2, y2)
  • Find the coordinates of a point on the Y-axis which is equidistant from M (-5,-2) and N(3,2)
  • Determine whether the points are collinear (A, B, and C)
  • Show that points A(-4, -7), B(-1, 2), C(8, 5) and D(5, -4) are vertices of a rhombus/rectangle/square/ ABCD
  • Midpoint and centroid-based problem.

6. Trigonometry

  • If sinx =7/25, find the values of cosx and tanx
  • One or two proofs
  • Three fundamentals identities based proofs or numerical

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