How To Get 700+ Marks Live Interview with NEET Topper 2021

Hey, NEET Aspirants for this year, or next year this is the article for you. Because many few of these articles or videos you will get on the Internet. In this article, I am sharing with you the live interview with a NEET Topper student who cracked NEET-UG 2021 by Scoring 700 marks out of 720. 

From this article, you will get the exact strategies to score 700+ in the NEET exam. 

Let me tell you how I am saying this confidently.

I have taken the interview and recorded it for you and uploaded it here. 

If you are the NEET Aspirant of this or next year then you must know the exact strategies to crack NEET successfully with a 700+ score even at least 650+ marks. 

The name of the student who cracked NEET 2021 with 700 marks is ‘Kushal Garg’. He is from Shashtrinagar, Delhi. NEET 2021 was the second attempt of Kushal and NEET 2020 was his first attempt. 

The score in the first attempt was 531, but Kushal wants to get AIIMS Delhi Medical College. And finally, after one drop of studies, he achieved this biggest success in one year. 

He dropped one year and study harder with consistency and fixed his target at least to score 680+ but with his study, he reached to 700 score, which is amazing!

During the interview, he shares the credit of his success, Dakshana Foundation is an NGO that provides a one-year coaching program for dropper/repeater students. 

Basically, they are helping poor students only. They provide one-year quality education for JEE and NEET Aspirants with the hostel, mase, and other expenses. 

Thanks to Dakshana Foundation who are supporting financially students who can’t afford private coaching for NEET and JEE.

Let me share what says Kushal about his success (How did he achieve this score?)

According to NEET Topper Kushal Garg, students must study with consistency, focus mindset, hard work, and self-confidence to get higher success. 

He says that students do not fix a fixed number (like I want to get 680 or 690 marks). Instead of this, they must fix their goal to achieve 680+, 700+ or 650+ according to them.

He also shared his thoughts on average students also can crack NEET exams easily. Nowadays, many YouTube channels are providing the best lectures which cover all syllabus of NEET.

In his live interview, he also shared some channels to study from them for the NEET exam. 

An interesting thing about this talented student is he did not want to become a doctor in the early 12th standard. 

But he randomly thought that I also can give NEET and be a doctor in the future and he did the preparation and now you can imagine what is the power of study?

For getting all tips, tricks, techniques, or secrets for the study of NEET you must watch this video of the live Interview.

Live Interview with Kuhsal Garg (NEET Cracked with 700 out of 720)

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