JEE Advanced Cracked Student Interview

Interview with JEE Advanced Cracked Student – Got IIT Bombay

Live Interview with JEE Advanced Cracked Student – Selection in IIT Bombay

To crack the JEE Advanced is not that easy target for all. JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams are conducted to select students for Engineering and different technical professional courses. 

Just the result of JEE Advanced 2021 declared and the counseling process has started. 

There are 23 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) colleges in India. Some of these are IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, and more.

We have taken an interview of a student from Maharashtra who qualified for JEE Advanced and Got IIT Bombay college in the first round of counseling. 

This is the success story of a middle-class guy, who achieve this success in just 1 year of preparation. 

After watching this video you will learn how you can exactly crack JEE Advanced and how you can prepare for the same. 

Here is the learning from the following video of the Interview:

  • Is coaching required for cracking JEE Advanced?
  • What is the minimum score to get IIT Bombay for Reserved categories?
  • What is the level of difficulty of JEE Advanced Paper?
  • How many hours of study are required per day?
  • How to manage time?
  • What are the best study tips, techniques and secretes?
  • Qualities required for JEE Advanced Aspirants?
  • What is the pattern for JEE exams?
  • Which are the scoring subjects for IIT?

So, here is the video of the interview. Do watch completely and share with the unprivileged students who want to crack JEE Advanced and get the college of IIT. 

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