The Best Career Options After Class 10

If you are looking for the best career options after class 10 then this article gives you a lot clearer. Anyone have the same questions about what to do after class 10. 

Shall I go for Science, Arts or Commerce? But many of the students and even parents, teachers don’t know the are their different career options than the this also? 

Watch this video, if you are not able to understand or the not find your best career option. Then you can continue to read this whole article. Because the article is covering much more than video. But watch this video if you like visual thinking and understanding.

Video Guide on Career Options After class 10

From this article, you will get tons of career options. You will find the best career options which you will like. If you not planning even then also you will find the best career options after 10 grade. 

Many of your parents, teachers, and relatives are thinking about the do higher studies and get a higher education degree. But why people don’t think of the interested and trending field. 

So, let’s get started on how many options you have after passing out your class 10 examinations. 

So, after the completion of your class 10. You have the following tons of options to build your bright future.

1. Higher education (11th and 12th): 

If you are interested in continue your study in a particular subject then you can follow this route. 

Here you have the three main options or simple branches/streams to go ahead with. 

1) Science

Science is the biggest stream ever. You will find plenty of career options and many highly paid careers. With science, you have the following options to build your career after class 10. 


The medical field is the top career opportunity in this world of science. In this medical area, you can go for

  1. MBBS: (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery): This is a nearly 5 ½ years degree program after the 12th science. For this admission, you need to crack the national-level medical entrance examination called NEET. 
  2. BHMS: This is again around 5 ½ years degree of bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. This graduate degree program in homeopathy covers all knowledge of homeopathic medicine.
  3. BAMS: This is again the same degree but this is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. This is a professional course in this field.
  4. B.Pharma: This is 4 years course in Bachelor of Pharmacy. This course also has a lot of demand in India.
  5. BMLT: Bachelor of Medicine and Lab technology is a professional course in medicine and lab technology. Which has a 3 ⅕ to 4 years duration of learning.


After the medical field engineering also has a similar demand. So, you can find the following top career opportunities in this field.

  1. Aeronautical Engineering: This is 4 years learning program where you will learn the study of airplanes and their mechanism. 
  2. Computer Engineering: It is the biggest career in this digital world. Here you have to learn the to build new computer hardware and software. Which will make easy life. 
  3. Electrical Engineering: This course is all electrical devices related to electricity. Where you can build the types of equipment and devices.
  4. Electronics and Communications Engineering: This is the engineering where you know electrical components such as semiconductors devices and the design of the electronic circuits, ICs, and their functions. 
  5. Civil Engineering: This is an expert level course where you can learn all about construction design, public areas like roads, canals, and more…
  • Bachelor of Science (BSC): After the medical and engineering, you have BSC option in Science. 

You can build your career in home science or another is forensic science.

In the home science, you will find the following subjects where you become an expert. 

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Zoology
  • Botany
  • Food
  • Textiles

And more…..

Another is BSc agriculture where also you can go. 

Different is forensic science. It is the application of science in criminals and civil laws. 

2) Commerce: 

It is the second most important stream to complete higher studies. From this stream or branch, you can complete the following professional courses.

1. Charted Accountant (C.A)

C.A is the biggest career opportunity in the commerce branch. This is 5 years study program where you learn the taxation and account subjects.

2. Business Management:

To complete business management, a learner must complete the MBA (Master of Business Administrations) a Professional course.

3. Advertising and Sales management:

This is again awesome business ever, we can say. All you need to do is the job for a company in their sales and advertisement f products and services.

4. Human Resource Development:

This is the course to give career development, employee training, and performance training.

5. Entrepreneurship:

This is again the best source or business of income. If you have the mind of a millionaire then this is the best career for you. In this career, you have to build a business around problem-solving factors. 

3) Arts:   

Arts is the branch where you can select for higher studies. It all depends on your interest area.

There are several career opportunities available here.  

  1. Media and Journalism
  2. Fashion designing
  3. Video editing and creation
  4. HR Training 
  5. School teaching
  6. National and International Languages study 

2. Polytechnic Courses

Polytechnic courses also are the top career options to build a bright future. In that, we can consider the following diploma.

  1. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  2. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  4. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  5. Diploma in Garment Technology

3. Other Vocational Courses

You can also do some vocational courses and grow yourself. We are considering some of the courses. These all courses are of 1-2 years.

  1. Desktop publishing and printing technology
  2. Pre-school teaching course
  3. Hotel operation
  4. Dental technician
  5. Tourism and travel techniques
  6. Insurance and marketing
  7. Banking and financial service

4.  Jobs Opportunities After Class 10: 

If you want to do jobs then can go. Because in India there are some opportunities where you can. Consider the following jobs in India. 

Jobs Opportunities After class 10 in India.

5. ITI (Industrial Trading Institute):

Beyond the jobs you have some ITI training sometimes it is also called ITC (Industrial Trading Centers). In ITI courses there are some Engineering and some Non-Engineering courses. After doing this training of 1-2 years, you can start your own small business or do jobs. 

You can consider the following training 🙂

  1. Electrician
  2. Carpenter
  3. Plumber
  4. Mechanic
  5. Fitter
  6. Technician

6. Short Term Courses:

If I say, you can build your long-term and highest-paid career within 6-12 months. Then the short-term courses are the best choice for you.  

If you are not interested in any above career options then you have the biggest and opportunities. 

Consider the following best short-term courses to build the best career in a couple of months.

1. Diploma in 2D and 3D animation:

2D and 3D animations are the biggest demand of this technology days. So, by doing short-term courses after class 10 you can build the best career.

2. Diploma in computer applications:

As the work from home, different software, applications, and programs need is increases rapidly. Then developing applications is the best career. 

3. Certificate Course in Graphic Design:

Logo, templates, banners, flyers, thumbnails, social media post and business designing are in the Graphic design.

4. Certificate course in Microsoft office:

By doing the professional course in Advanced Excel, Word, and PowerPoint you can again find a better job. 

5. Certificate course in Web-Designing:

You can develop a website by learning this course and earn as much you can. Web development can be done with coding and non-coding. 

6. Certificate course in Programming Languages:

By learning some coding or programming languages you can build the best career. In this C++, Javascript, PHP, SQL programming languages. 

7. Certificate course in SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is another technical skill useful for websites, blogs, and digital marketing. 

8. Digital Marketing Course:

This is last but not the least. This ERA is Digital and of course, the marketing must be done with digital tools.  Digital marketing is maybe your best career after class 10.


Now we are at the conclusion, how you can choose your best career after class 10. So, friends, you need to understand some things before you select the career option. 

First, you think about your long-term future, think about your passion. And one more thing is thinking about changing the world. 

You can’t consider the best career without thinking about the market and changing the mode of career opportunity. 

Follow your passion, changing world, and the long-term opportunity then select the best career.

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