The Best Career Options After 12th Science

Best Career Options After 12th Science

Career Options After 12th Science – What to do After 12th Science?

While choosing the right career after any stream is the most important decision ever. But if you have completed or pursuing the 12th Science then you have many career options in front of you. 

In the Science stream, if you have greater than 60% then you have the best opportunity. In this article, you will find tons of career options that you are thinking about. 

So, let’s start with the which are golden opportunities for you to go ahead and build your career. 

Basically, your career in Science depends upon which subjects you have learned during 11th and 12th Grade. 

Many careers are related to the special subject in Science. For example, if you have chosen Mathematics during junior college then you have the easiest career in mathematics. 

So, let’s talk about the career options distinguishing according to subjects. 

Already you know the Groups of the Subjects

  1. PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  2. PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

But I will explain here career options directly, parallel I’ll be explaining which subjects will be required.

1. Medical: 

To build your career in the Medical stream you must have passed out the 12th Science with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) group. 

In India, to build the best career in the medical field, you need to crack the National Level Medical Entrance exam. This exam is called NEET ( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) in our country. 

In the medical field, you have the following best career options to go ahead. All the medical courses have a 4-5 ½ year learning program.

  1. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery): This is the top career in the Medical field. This is a 5 ½ year degree program. 
  2. BHMS: Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery.
  3. BDS: Bachelor of Dental Sciences.
  4. BAMS: Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery.
  5. DHMS: Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery.
  6. B.Pharma: Bachelor of Pharmacy.
  7. D.Pharma: Diploma in Pharmacy

These are the some best careers in the medical field after the 12th science where you can build the best career. 

2. Engineering: 

If you are interested in the PCM group i.e subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 

Then you have Engineering as the best career. In Engineering there also hundreds of career options. 

It may be some diplomas and some degree courses. You can choose according to your passion, market need, and future scope. 

Here are some of the best career options in the Engineering field. 

1] Computer Engineering: 

Computer Engineering is the best career in Engineering. After this type of career in Science, you can build the best career in this technical world. 

Computer Engineering is a professional degree and also available in diploma after class 10. 

Here you can learn to manufacture new computers, new software, and hardware. And of course, the demand of the computer and software is increasing day by day. 

2] Electronics and Communications Engineering:

This is again demanded career in Engineering. Where you will learn about Electronics circuits, devices, manufacturing, electrical components like semiconductors, and more. 

3] Civil Engineering: 

In this Engineering, you will become an expert in the field of designing. You can buildings, roads, and all public areas.

4] Robotics Engineering:

In this technical world, humans are very aggressive with Robot technology. Therefore the Robotics is the best career option after the 12th of science. 

5] Aeronautical Engineering

This is Engineering where you learn the manufacturing of airplanes, the study the mechanisms in the machines. 

6] Electrical Engineering:

Study of electrical devices related to electricity. Manufacturing of electrical components.

So, above are the some best career in the Engineering field.

4. BSC (Bachelor of Science): 

After the Medical and Engineering career BSC is another best career option after 12th Science. 

BSC is a three-year specialized course in a particular subject. Home Science, Forensic science, and the BSC agree are the top BSC option. 

Home science is the specialized degree or expertise in a particular subject. Here are some best subjects to complete BSC or Bachelor of Science. 

  1. Chemistry
  2. Physics
  3. Biology
  4. Mathematics
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Zoology
  7. Botany
  8. Agriculture
  9. Genetics
  10. Horticulture
  11. Environmental science
  12. Optometry
  13. Medical Lab Technology

4. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech): 

Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech is another career after 12th science. It is a 4-year professional degree after 12th Science.

Some of the B.Tech courses are listed here. 

  1. Biotechnology
  2. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 
  3. B.Tech in Microbiology
  4. B.Tech CSE (Gaming Technology)

You can check out other courses, but the B.Tech again very demanded Science and Technology career. 


In this way we discussed the best career option after 12th science. But the you need to choose your career according to your passion.

But the only passion or your intesrset is not matter. You need also analyse the future scope of the career which you want to select. 

After finalizing a career in science you have to focus, learn and do hard work to build your best future. Study well like smart study and all the best.

If you have a any doubt regarding this career options after 12th science. Then feel free and leave a comment in the below. 

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