10 Tips For Online Learning To Make Successful

This article will walk you through the 10 Tips For Online Learning To Make Successful. We will discuss here how to do an online study that must be effective and successful.

Change is part of life. After the pandemic of COVID-19, the whole education system is changing. 

Place of Blackboard is taken by Screen, Place of Book is taken by PDF notes. Classrooms are replaced by the Online Meeting or simply Zoom lectures. 

If all methods are changes then our mindset must be changed. Study methods are changing offline exams are switching to online exams. So, why not we comfortable with online study?

Here are the 10 tips, you will have to noticed and improve. 

#1: Set a Goal of Online Study:

Setting your study goal is important. I mean to say that, if you are a school or college student then you have to study. 

But if you are planning to join systems an online course then you must set the goals. What do you learn from the course? How you can implement it or not? 

After analysis of such things then you can go for an online study and make online classes better.

#2: Reliable Internet Access/Requirements of technology

Tell me how can you do online study without the internet? It must have reliable internet access for online study effective. 

First, know the requirement for the tools which are you going to use to do your online learning. 

Also, check your laptop/mobile phone to prepare for online classes. It is better to confirm your system requires to get started.

#3 – Set Up Your Study Space

learning in the home might be difficult for everyone. Tons of reasons for distractions for your online study. But you must think about the following points.

Find the area of the place in your house where you can sit comfortably with focus. Your study place should be away from the relaxation place. 

It must be away from the TV or other distractions. You are advised to set properly your broadband connection, power connection, and other technical things. Make sure your place of study has a sufficient amount of sunlight to make a natural environment.

Another thing that is ready to place is ready with all furniture, notepad, and stationery while learning. Take a water bottle with you, also can take dry fruits. 

#4 – Take Down Notes

Online lectures are of course taking all on digitally. But the digital study materials we can’t use all time. 

You should prepare your notes while and after the online lecture or webinar. Taking notes is the engagement with study and it’s a better way to understand and revise.

#5 – Plan your whole day 

If you are a school or college student then follow their timetable of subjects. And if you self-learner for any different study, you must prepare a good plan for the day ahead and follow it.

The breakdown you study into small breaks or slot and complete it. Use some sticky notes for planning.

#6 – Subscribe to Productivity Apps:

For online study and learning, there are tons of tools are available. 

But make sure you must use the productive apps to grow yourself. Also, subscribe to that apps as well.

Nowadays you have free online platforms where you can attend the online sessions for free. YouTube, KhanAcademy, Coursera

#7 – Regular Study Breaks:

No one can stick with the same work or even study for a longer time. So make sure changing some environment is better than continuity. 

You probably have a schedule for your lectures, but if things are becoming difficult to focus on.

Studying for a long time may cause some diseases which will harmful for you. It may cause the loss of concentration, eye strain and fatigue, poor knowledge retention, and loss of memory.

Take a short break walk for 5 minutes, listen to a piece of music for 5 minutes, or take a coffee or tea for freshness.

I can also suggest you go from lecture also if you get tired, just let your teacher know.

So, it’s a better time to take a short break during learning online. After the break, come back to your study.

#8 – Clear Your Doubts:

If you have any difficulty in your study then you must ask for help from somebody. You can ask for help from your teachers, or any elders who can solve your problem.

It’s a better thing to go ahead and stay continue with your study without interrupting. 

#9- Stay Motivated:

Changing the way of online learning you might lose your stamina. Anyone can’t be comfortable with the new situation. But you need you to believe in yourself. Always be confident with your new way of study. 

Believe in the Law of changing nature

Regularly do exercise, Do Yoga and take healthy foods. It helps you to be motivated. 

#10 – Use Technolgy but Don’t be a techie

For your successful study use of technology, different tools, screens and all is okay. 

But the things on the internet may be distracting you a lot. Use your mobile phones, laptops only for study or learning purposes. 

Excess of use of screen technology is very dangerous for your mental, and physical health. 

Use the internet wisely, or just for purposes. Use your textbooks, notes, and assignment books to study and revise. 


In this way, we have a walk through the successful online learning strategies. We learned how to make online classes better. This time is we must survive with the online classes. 

Learning from home can be difficult, but this system is achievable. You must stick to it. We must have to learn online with the best online classes. 

After following these tips and strategies you will become a perfect online learner. 

If you have any queries related to online learning then don’t be hesitate to ask me. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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