Class 11 MCQs with Answers Biological Classification

Important MCQ With Answers Biological Classification

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Hey, guys, in this article you will find the very important MCQ with Answers on Biological Classification Chapter.

Biological Classification is the chapter 2nd of class 11 as per the NCERT (CBSE Curriculum)


Following 20 MCQs are very important in NEET Point of View as well as Board exams. We provide the 20 MCQs on whole chapters, i.e. the entire points.

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MCQs With Answers: Biological Classification Class 11 NCERT

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Let’s jump into the first MCQ of Biological Classification.

1) Five kingdom classification is given by…

(a) Carolus Linnaeus

(b) Alexander Fleming

(c) R. H. Whittaker 

(d) Aristotle

Answer: (c) R. H. Whitakar

2) How many kingdoms have brought together multicellular eukaryotic animal ?

(a) One

(b) Two

(c) Three

(d) Four

Answer: (c) Three

3) Which of the following statements is incorrect about mycoplasma?

(a) They completely lack a cell wall

(b) These are the smallest living cell known

(c) They can survive without oxygen

(d) They are pathogenic to plants only

Answer: (d) They are pathogenic to plants only

4) In five kingdom classification chlorella and Chlamydomonas fall under?

(a) Algae

(b) Plantae 

(c) Monera 

(d) Protista

Answer: (d) Protista

5) Which group holds maximum nutritional diversity?

(a) Monera

(b) Plantae

(c) Fungi 

(d) Animalia

Answer: (1) Monera

6) Nuclear membrane is absent in?

(a) Volvox

(b) Nostoc

(c) agarics

(d) Penicillium

Answer (b): Nostoc

7) In which form do fungi store food material?

(a) Lipid

(b) Starch

(c) Oil and glycogen

(d) Protein

Answer: (c) Oil and Glacogen

8) Another name of cyanobacteria?

(a) Blue-green algae 

(b) Golden algae

(c) Protists

(d) Slime moulds

Answer: (a) Blue-green algae 

  9)  Agaricus’s fruting body is known as?

(a) Zoospore

(b) Basidiocarps

(c) Ascocarps

(d) Sporangiospore

Answer: (b) Basidiocarps

  10) Paramecium is

(a) Bacterium

(b) Protozoan

(c) Virus

(d) Annelid 

Answer: (b) Protozoan

 11) Phycology is the study of-

(a) Algae 

(b) Fungi

(c) Lichens

(d) Mosses

Answer: (b) Fungi

  12) Sleeping sickness is caused by which protozoan?

(a) amoeboid

(b) flagellated

(c) Ciliated

(d) Sporozoans 

Answer: (b) flagellated

  13) Which is not a bacterial disease?

(a) Cholera 

(b) Plague

(c) Citrus canker

(d) Mumps

Answer: (d) Mumps

  14)  Fungal cell walls have?

(a) Hemicellulose 

(b) Cellulose

(c) Chitin

(d) Pectin

Answer: (c) Chitin

  15) viruses that infect plant have –

(a) ss RNA

(b) ds RNA 

(c) ds DNA

(d) All of the above 

Answer: (a) ss RNA

  16) Heterocyst in Nostoc participates in

(a) Nitrogen – fixation 

(b) Food storage 

(c) Symbiotic relation

(d) Fragmentation 

Answer: (a) Nitrogen – fixation 

  17) Which of the following is not a part of the sexual cycle of fungi?

(a) Meiosis   

(b) Mitosis   

(c) Plasmogamy

(d) Karyogamy   

Answer: (b) Mitosis

  18) Which one is does not belong to deuteromycets ?

(a) Colletotrichum   

(b) Alternaria    

(c) Ustilago

(d) Trichoderma 

Answer: (c) Ustilago

  19) Which one of the following is a sexual spore?

(a) Ascospore  

(b) Zoospore   

(c) Conidia

(d) Sporangiospore

Answer: (a) Ascospore  

  20) What causes red tides?

(a) Trypanosome 

(b) gonyaulax

(c) Golden algae

(d) None of the  above

Answer: (b) gonyaulax

So, students, here are the top 20 MCQs with their answers on the chapter Biological Classification of class 11. I hoped you have understood these all questions. if you find this post helpful or have any doubt then feel free to leave a comment below.

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