Applications of Physics in Daily life

Top 10 Applications of Physics in Daily Life

Day by day the applications of Physics are increasing widely, and this article gives you the top 10 applications of physics in daily life that you didn’t know. You will be shocked after learning the different applications of physics in everyday life.

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Applications of Physics in Everyday Life Part #1

So, it’s time to see one by one.

1. Applications of Physics in Camera Lens

Applications of Physics in Camera Lens

Nowadays, Selfies are a daily activity in our daily life. Every group of age has this activity on a daily basis. So, everyone is familiar with the camera and its lens. 

But, do you know how a camera lens works?

Camera lenses work on the Principle of Optics. Optics is one of the branches of Physics. 

Optics tells us the type of lens, whether it is convex or concave? 

The answer is the convex lenses are used in the camera and it provides the image outside of the camera. 

2. Applications of Physics in Cell Phones

Applications of Physics in Cell Phones

The role of physics in our daily life is widely in cell phones. Because no one in this world who don’t know about this device. 

Cell Phones have grown like Oxygen in this generation or this Digital life. 

Everyone is busy with their mobile phones/cell phones for chatting, calling, messaging and accessing the internet, and so on.

But do you know how a mobile/cell phone works?

It involved the principle of electricity, electromagnetic spectrum, electricity undulating patterns, magnetism, sounds waves, and many concepts. 

So, cool na! How important of Physics has in our daily life?

Let’s move forward to, next application.

3. Applications of Physics in Batteries

Applications of Physics in Batteries

Batteries are acting as the Heart of most electrical devices. It may be cell phones, torches, cards, torches, toys, or even laptops. 

Capacitance is one of the important concepts from Electronics (another branch of Physics). And batteries work on the principle of capacitance. 

Capacitors were invented in the past of 18th century then they are used to store electrical energy. The term ‘battery’ was discovered by Benjamin Franklin. 

The conversion of Energy is also involved in the battery. A battery converts the chemical energy into electrical energy for the devices. 

4. Applications of Physics in Cutting fruits and vegetables

Applications of Physics in cutting of vegetables and fruits

When you hear Physics has an important role in cutting vegetables and fruits then no one can believe it firstly?

But it is true that physics is really involved in this simple task of cutting veggies and fruits.  

When we cut anything, we need to expert the pressure of the knife. And it is a common thing that we noticed when increasing the pressure we can cut any object easily. 

In the language of physics, we can say that pressure is directly dependent on force and inversely dependent on area. 

In easy terms we can tell that if we use more force we can cut an object quickly, but, if equal force is involved with a knife with thicker edges, we can’t. 

From the above experiences, we discover that knives with edges with smaller surface areas can help cut an object quickly.

Likewise, we can cut smoothly with a sharper knife than a blunt. The blunt knife offers more friction, due to its rough edges. It is difficult to cut an object.

5. Applications of Physics in Earphones/Headphones

Applications of Physics in headphones and earphones

I have a question for you, tell me when you get bored of work or studies? Then what would you do? 

Of course, listening to music or songs is the most common experience we have had. Have you thought about how these Headphones or Earphones work?

This is again because of Physics only. 


The concept of magnetism, concepts of sounds waves, and electromagnetism are used in this. 

Let me explain more.

When you plug your Earphones/Headphones into an electrical source then the magnets which are in your Earphones or Headphones produce an electromagnetic field. This effect leads to producing sound waves i.e. Sound in your Earphones/Headphones.

So, Headphones and Earphones are the applications of physics in everyday life

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Applications of Physics in Daily life Part #2

6. Applications of Physics in Walking 

Applications of Physics in walking

Walking is a natural habit we have in our life, but one can’t imagine how physics is involved in this activity?

Alright! It’s again an application of physics in our life. You may come across a situation where you slept on the road by banana peel. 

Why does this sudden fall happen?

When you walk in the park or a tar road then you have a good grip without sleeping, is it?

Because this is happening due to the roughness between your shoes and the road’s surface. 

Above all situations are due to the concept called friction which is studied by physics. 

7. Applications of Physics in Alarm Clock

Applications of Physics in Alarm Clock

The buzzing sound of an alarm clock is very important in your daily life, it helps you get up early in the morning. And the Alarm Clock is one of the uses of physics. 

Sound waves or just sound is the phenomenon that can’t be seen but we can hear it or experience only. 

The study of the origin of the sound, properties of sounds, propagation of sound is possible only due to physics. Quantum mechanics is the working principle of the Alarm clock. 

In this way, physics has a role in waking up in the morning using the alarm clock. 

8. Applications of Physics in Ball Point Pen 

Applications of Physics in Ball Point Pen

In our daily use, Ball Point Pen is very essential. Did you think about how ink comes when you write on paper? 

Well, it’s again due to applications of physics, how this is happening?

When we move our pen across the paper, the ball of pen turns and gravity forces the ink down onto paper. 

In this way in the Ball Point Pen, Gravity is the main concept is used. 

9. Applications of Physics in Car Seat Belts

Applications of Physics in Car Seat belts

Let me share with you how physics use in car seat belts? 

When you tighten your car seatbelt, it uses the concept called inertia. 

Inertia is the unwillingness or laziness of a body to change its state of rest or motion. 

In case of a car accident, your seat-belt helps prevent your body from moving in a forward direction; as your body resists being discontinued because of inertia of motion

10. Applications of Physics in Steam Iron:

Applications of Physics in Steam Iron

Steam iron is the essential thing in our daily life which is used to press or iron our clothes. 

And the Steam Iron’s working is all around the heat and electricity. The study of heat and electricity is studied by thermodynamics. Thermodynamics is another important branch of Physics. 

Steam iron is working is on thermodynamics, and it is a type of energy transfer from a warmer substance to a colder one. Ironing works by having a heated metal base on the soleplate. 

So, here we discussed the top 10 applications of Physics in daily life, hope you have liked this article. If you have any doubt regarding this or have to say something then feel free to comment below.